Saxon Switzerland
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Saxon Switzerland


...if you follow the milkyway and turn to the left in time then you hit the city of Dresden and immediately a big traffic jam. Passing the city of  Pirna (or on other detours) you will get into the different climbing areas of Saxon Switzerland. Driving by car is the best, but please do not drive right to the bottom of climbing routes, even when some parking fees seem to be ordered by a highwayman and you feel prompted to park unlawfully. At least the climbing areas of Rathen, Bad Schandau and Schmilka are to reached by railways.
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over 15.000 routs are waiting for you
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Climbing is allowed only on free-standing pillars ("summits").
No chalk allowed.
No metal pro (friends, nuts, rocks...) allowed.
No climbing allowed on wet rock.

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use path

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dont use path
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